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Read This Book and Learn to WIN at Shopping!

It’s a common human trait to love only those things that we’re good at, that we enjoy. I was born to shop, but most everyone else I know lacks that talent. But talents can be learned, including shopping. And if you could learn that skill, well, then you could eventually be good at it and love it. With the book How to Win at Shopping, you can finally learn the art and science of shopping, learn to love it, and learn to conquer the retail world.

Written by Emmy Award-winning stylist David Zyla and fashion writer Eila Mell, How to Win at Shopping shares almost 300 tips, tricks, and insider secrets to help you become a savvy, strategic shopper. You will finally develop a game plan for your shopping adventures and learn to treat these excursions like you’re going to a business meeting. And, yes, you will win. Here is just a sample of some of the featured tips:

We live in a consumer society; so, it’s imperative to transform yourself into a cunning consumer, or you’ll end up buying things you don’t need, buying more than you need, spending more money than you need to, and just wasting your time. If you find yourself already in the midst of this aggravating cycle (and most people are), you can end it now, just by reading this book.

With amazing recommendations and suggestions that you would never have thought of, all jam-packed into a compact 4″ x 7″ book that you can easily fit into your handbag and keep with you everywhere you go, you will always be armed and equipped to survive the retail labyrinth.

Stop hating the shopping process and learn to win at it! How to Win at Shopping is published by Workman Publishing. Buy it at Amazon.com.

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