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What to Wear: Work, Weekend and Evening

“What do I wear?”

That is the number one question I get all the time.

“I’m going to a wedding. What do I wear?”

“The people at my job don’t take me seriously. What do I wear to the office so they know I’m serious about my job, but without losing my identity?”

“I’m attracting the wrong kind of guy. What do I wear to attract a better man?”

For work, my advice is to dress for the job that you want, not the job that you have. In other words, if you are an¬†administrative¬†assistant with aspirations to be CEO, start dressing like a CEO now. What this will do for you is impress others and build your confidence. Now, I know it’s hard to dress like a CEO on an assistant’s budget. But, that’s why stores like New York & Company, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and White House | Black Market exist. I recommend you invest in well-made pieces that fit you well. Focus on neutrals that you can mix and match. Doing so will help you build a good foundation for a great work wardrobe.

For weekends, I say go with comfort. But here’s the caveat: comfortable does not mean sloppy! Your Saturday and Sunday wear should fit you as well as your work clothes do. Refrain from baggy, ill-fitting clothes. Think crisp, chic and sleek. The same concept I recommend for dressing for work holds true for weekend wear, too. Dress for the kind of weekends or lifestyle that you desire. Do you long for weekends filled with friends, laughter, healthy decisions, fun experiences and a neat household? Then dress the part! Oversize stained T-shirts and floppy sweat pants are only bound to bring you boring and lonely weekends. You deserve better than that.

For evening, I believe in glitz and glamour. But remember that slutty does not equate to sexy. Keep it all in balance. If you wear a low cut top, stay away from a super tight, super short mini skirt. If you wear a short skirt, keep your neckline modest (but not necessarily conservative). If you wear heavy eye makeup, avoid a bright red pout. And should you go with a red lipstick, keep your eye makeup minimal. See how that works? And remember, the way you dress affects the kind of people you attract. So honestly, if you dress like a tramp, you’re going to attract the kind of guys who are only interested in one night stands. But if you dress like a sophisticated, sexy, confident woman, you’ll attract the kind of guy who cherishes a woman with those qualities. Believe me. You deserve to be cherished.

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