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Valentine’s Day Nails Tutorial from Nail It!

Even if you’re not a big Valentine’s Day reveler, how can you resist a cute set of nails? You can’t! And  my favorite nail fashion magazine Nail It! has put together a super-easy and super-stylish nail tutorial just for Valentine’s Day. It’s a heart inspired manicure you will want to wear year-round. Here’s how you do it. First, you will need:

1. Apply base coat and then paint your nails red.


2. Using white acrylic paint or nail varnish, paint on hearts with a small detail brush. (Using white as a base will allow the other colors to pop off the red base color.) Start at the top with a ‘V’ shape and working around to make the heart shape.


3. Using the colors of your choice, fill in the white hearts, being careful not to go over the lines.


4. For the details you can used a tiny nail art brush (you may have to cut down the bristles to get it small enough) or a toothpick.


5. Finally, finish with a matte top coat to seal in your design. (You could also use regular top coat.)


Need more Valentine’s Day nail art inspiration? Go to www.nailitmag.com or pick up a Nail It! magazine at your favorite newsstand.

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