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Add a Little Color to Your Workout with Tie Dye Hair Ties

A ponytail is a must when I work out. I have to keep my hair off my neck and face. As such, I’ve developed quite a collection of ┬áblack elastic bands – boring black elastic bands, that is. But now, I can add a little color to my workout with these cute tie dye hair ties from Mane Message.

mane message tie dye hair ties

Priced from $9.45 to $12.25, you get six (or seven in the Pool Party collection) colorful tie dye hair ties that can not only be used to keep your hair up and back, but can even be worn as pretty wrist-adorning bracelets. Choose from 26 stylish sets.

mane message

Purchase these pretty tie dye hair ties at www.ManeMessage.com.

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