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The Easiest Style Tip Ever

There’s really only one, just one, style tip that you need to know in order to look well-put-together, classy, sophisticated, and fashionable. And the best part of all is that this tip is super economical. You don’t need to give up your penchant for cheap fashion and bust your budget shopping for high-end designer pieces. It’s truly the easiest style tip ever.

Ready for it? Here it goes:

Make sure your clothes fit you perfectly.

And that’s it! Really. It’s that easy. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly flatters your figure and gives you a graceful silhouette, making you look chic, well-styled, and like a million bucks.

Now, I wish I could end this blog post here and walk away from this discussion, believing that I have given you a light bulb moment and you will now go forth with a better sense of personal style. But let’s face it, you need more guidance, don’t you? Okay, here’s some more advice.

  1. Shop for the body you have now. Quit buying pieces that are too small for you with the notion that they will fit after you’ve lost the 10 pounds that you have been promising to lose since last summer. If you haven’t lost the weight by now, you probably aren’t going to. And that’s okay! Stop beating yourself up about it. Love the body you have now and adorn it with well-fitting clothes. Quit spending money on clothes that you don’t wear, and start focusing your shopping budget on items that fit you perfectly now.
  2. Ignore the number on the tag. And I don’t mean the price. Of course you should pay attention to that number. I’m talking about the size. In one brand you may be a size 10, but in another brand, you may be a 14. Stop shopping according to the size and start shopping according to the fit.
  3. Try it on! I can’t emphasize that one enough. Dressing rooms exist for a reason. Use them. Do you shop online? Not a problem. Just know the return policy and do not remove shopping tags until you have tried the item on at home. Walk around with it on. If the piece of clothing you are trying does any bulging, bunching, or gathering, then it does not fit you perfectly. It’s time to let go and move on.
  4. Get a tailor. Fashion stylist Christie Moeller purchased a gorgeous dress on sale that was too big. So she took it to her tailor, and now the dress fits her magnificently. Read her blog post and check out how gorgeous she looks. It’s as though the dress was custom-made just for her. That’s the magic of taking ill-fitting items to a tailor.
  5. Quit trying to hide behind baggy clothes. Just as you should not be purchasing clothes that are too small (and saving them for the day when you lose weight), stop buying clothes that are too big (unless you take them to a tailor like Christie did). Apparel items that do not fit well because they’re too big do you a disservice. They don’t hide your flaws. They add girth, often making you appear wider than you actually are. Plus, baggy clothes make you look messy. So, stop it.

There you have it. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly is the easiest style tip there is. Readjust your perspective and shopping habits today. By putting a focus on fit, you will up the ante on your personal style game.


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2 Responses to “The Easiest Style Tip Ever”

  1. I totally agree the fit is key. You have to buy for now not for “Well I’m going to loose weight”!

    Great post.

    xox Christie