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Tell Dad to Watch It…

Father’s Day is drawing near, and I think a nice watch makes a great gift for any dad of any age. With our society’s new digital lifestyle, we don’t really need watches anymore. If you want to know what time it is, just check your phone. Because of that, watches are more than a useful timepiece. Today, watches are an important fashion accessory, especially for men.

Men keep it simple when it comes to accessories, and for most men, a watch is the one and only piece of jewelry they wear. That’s why when you buy your favorite dad a watch for Father’s Day, it has to be a really attractive one. You want to get him a watch that draws attention and gets him some compliments.

But you also want to get him a watch that suits his personality and lifestyle. So I put together a few tips to help guide you when you are shopping for a watch for Father’s Day.

Corporate Dad
If the dad you are shopping for works in an office environment you want to focus on buying him a sleek watch with no flash. The corporate dad needs to make a professional impression, but he also wants to appear successful. Even if he is in the midst of climbing the corporate ladder, buy him a watch that looks like it belongs on the wrist of a CEO. It will give him the boost of confidence he needs to land his desired promotion.

Dad the Conqueror
For the dad who literally loves to climb mountains, you have to get him a sports watch. And today’s sports watches are really attractive, so he can wear it while he’s scuba diving or meeting his friends for happy hour.  There are different sports watches for different sports. So, if he’s into water sports, be sure to get him a diving watch. If he’s into bicycling, get him a cycling watch. If he’s into climbing, get him a durable watch that gives him altitude information.

Seal the Deal Dad
The kind of dad that is a mover and shaker needs the kind of watch that steals the show. The watch brand Invicta features a selection of gold tone, mixed metal and brightly colored face watches that make dad the center of attention wherever he goes. Pick a watch that shines as bright as his vivacious personality.

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  1. Love the corporate dad watch!!