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Foundation of Trust: Take care of your bra

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I always find that buying anything new is exciting, however big or small, and the excitement of going home to use it or try it out is always thrilling. Shopping is always an experience and you hope that once you have bought a product you get the most use out of it as possible because unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees (sigh).

Taking care of your bra is important, this is something you wear every day; for support and comfort. And let’s face it, without it we are pretty much shapeless. The best support a bra will give will be in the first six months of its life, that’s why it’s recommended to change your bra every six to eight months. You can also do the following to help prolong the life of a bra.

Bras stretch easily overtime, which is understandable, as they are worn constantly and your body movements and heat have an impact. To get the most out of them, it’s best not to wear the same bra one day after the other as the lycra will stretch. It can take up to 24 hours for the lycra to cool down.

Bras come in all sorts of materials and they are usually made out of durable, luxury materials. Aubade lingerie is a great example. It’s always best to read the aftercare label on the bra to find out what temperature the bra should be washed in. Some bras have a triangle on which means you can’t bleach the bra (I don’t know why you would want to, it may make your whites whiter but it will ruin the quality of your bras), so make sure you don’t.

It’s always best to wash bras in cold water (it’s best to hand wash, maximum 30 degrees), to ensure that the material is kept in the best condition and to keeps its elasticity. There are also lingerie wash bags available that help maintain the shape of the bra and stop underwire from getting caught in the machine and other clothes. Another tip is to fasten your bras when in the wash to stop the hooks/delicates getting damaged and getting caught onto things.

Try to avoid soaking the bra for more than half an hour as this could be damaging and will affect the shape of the bra, it’s also best not to use harsh detergents this will affect the quality of your delicates.

When it comes to drying the bra it’s always recommended not to tumble dry it, this can ruin the elasticity of the material, its best to dry it flat and out of direct sunlight. There are now many devices which you can use which can help you care and maintain for your bra, ‘bra drying board’ this helps to maintain the shape of the bra and to help dry it naturally. There is also a product called a ‘bra baby,’ a machine which would hold the shape of a bra and then slowly dry the bra.

Once the bra has been washed and dried you can store it within a bra box organizer or a bra bag. You can get these in different shapes and styles, which are also designed for travel as well as storage.

As the summer is approaching, it’s good to know how to keep your swimsuits in tip top condition so that you can wear them on holiday or the following summer, as well. It’s always best to buy good quality swimwear, such as Moontide swimwear. Chlorine is damaging for swimwear, but it will take longer if the quality is better. The more spandex the swimsuit has the better, as it helps to maintain its shape longer and of course to support you.

When washing your swimsuit it’s best to hand wash it with a mild soap to get chlorine/salts out and it’s advised not to wring it out, but to air dry it flat, out of direct sunlight so that it maintains its elasticity for as long as possible.


These are the best ways to get lengthy support from your bra and to help it look brand new every time you wear it!

Of course, it’s difficult to spare this much time taking care of delicates/swimwear; chucking them in the washing machine is the easiest thing to do, to get on with other things. But like most things if you show care and attention, you will notice the long term effects. Also bras are not cheap (and from my experience the ones that are, don’t last a very long time anyway) so it’s also a great way to get the most for your money.

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