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Statement Sunnies

I love how the word “statement” is constantly being used in fashion – statement earrings, statement necklaces, statement shoes, etc. What about statement sunglasses? I think sunnies are just as important to a fashionista’s accessory collection as her fashion rings are.

While it’s important to consider the functionality of sunglasses when purchasing your perfect pair (they should effectively protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays), your sunnies should complement your outfit, enhance your overall look and make a standout statement.

So, I did a little shopping and curated a collection of statement-making sunglasses for you to peruse. Again, make sure your sunglasses offer appropriate protection, but I encourage you to sport a bold pair this summer. Think strong architecture, over-the-top embellishment or bright colors.

I myself am currently shopping for exaggerated, rounded sunglasses that are reminiscent of Jackie O., but I found many others to help you experience a most stylish and haute season. See a pair that strikes your fancy? Click on the image to shop it or Pin it!

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One Response to “Statement Sunnies”

  1. Victoria Beckham is known for wearing huge sunnies – she’s almost never pictured without them! Posh is making a fashion statement – but also a vote for commonsense as protecting your eyes is a good idea this summer.