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Are You a Shoptimist?

The other day I tweeted a Steve Madden sale and received a reply from a follower and an endearing Las Vegas PR contact who said that if only the certain shoe he was coveting was included in the sale. I replied back that he shouldn’t lose hope and to be shoptimistic. Here’s what he then said:

See, to be a shoptimist, you have got to have the right attitude. And I truly believe that the right shopping attitude will make your retail dreams come true. So long as Ryan is patient and positive, he will nab his dream shoes at a dream price.

Attitude is everything. Here are my tips for being a shoptimist:

1. Be positive. Think about all those great stories you’ve heard or read about on fashion blogs. If an average American girl can find an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag at a Salvation Army for $14, there’s no reason why this kind of amazing deal can’t happen to you. You deserve a great retail moment, too! When you leave your home to go shopping, embrace this belief, and you will have a good shopping excursion.

2. Ask for help. The reason we fashion bloggers do what we do is to help others. It’s okay to tweet us, email us or leave a polite post on our Facebook wall asking for help finding a bargain or hard-to-shop-for items like wide fitting shoes. If we know the answers, believe me, we’ll share them with you. When you know that there are people available to help you, you can’t help but be shoptimistic.

3. Have back-up plans and resources. This is especially important if you’re a bargain shopper. If you know a good tailor, have a friend who is great at fixing jewelry and know where to go to get your shoes fixed, then it makes it easier to bargain shop. You may find a stellar designer dress at a bargain basement price that fits perfect at your waist and hips but seems too big in the torso. Well if you have a tailor, you’ll feel confident about making that purchase. Knowing that you can fix and alter your shopping finds to suit your specific needs will help you be a shoptimist.

So go forth, shop and think positive thoughts. No matter your retail past, start anew by transforming yourself into a shoptimist now, and have faith that your retail future is bound to become bountiful.


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