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Guest Post: A Shopper’s Dream in Vegas

Welcome Sierra Greenman of  Ocean Dreams who is guest blogging for Lollie Shopping today. She  loves to give her honest opinion on the latest stores, trends, and styles. Greenman recently visited my home of Las Vegas, and I asked her to tell my readers about her experience and the purchases she made. You can read about her shopping and ocean dreaming adventures at Ocean Dreams and visit her JoeShopping.com fashion blog to brush up on fashion.

Las Vegas is a dream for party goers, gamblers, and watching entertaining shows, but did you also know it is my number one source for shopping? The shopping is never ending and Vegas has many unique stores that you won’t find anywhere else. Recently I visited Vegas in the third week of July and I discovered shops that I couldn’t pull myself away from. I soon found myself spending money at shops in Ceasar’s Palace, The Bellagio, and The Venetian. Part of it I admit was due to the amazing air conditioning and I just had to get myself out of the sizzling heat, but that’s just an excuse. We all know the real reason: Vegas is a shopper’s dream.

I admit I went way over my shopping budget, but thus is the life of a shopaholic. True to form, I found tanks and shoes I couldn’t “live without.” My jaw dropped open as I saw the Juicy Couture shop, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo, and those are just a few shops that I would have loved to have spent some money in. This time around I stuck to shops called The Sugar Factory where I found a cupcake tank that I am in love with! I also went into The Walking Company where I found the most amazing pair of shoes called Earthies that are fashionable and comfortable. I wore them on my way back to the hotel that my boyfriend and I were staying at and didn’t have a problem with the heels! Let me show you a peek of my purchases.

The shopping literally goes on and on in Vegas. I feel like I didn’t even begin to touch on the many shops and shopping locations available there! Every time I visit Vegas there is a new shop that is opening, or a new hotel with fabulous new finds. You better believe that I will be saving my money for another shopping adventure down the road and this time I’m determined to invest in a dream outfit I could never find anywhere else.

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One Response to “Guest Post: A Shopper’s Dream in Vegas”

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to guest post! Can’t wait to see your guest post on my blog when you get the chance. Next time I go to Vegas I’ll definitely let you know and I’ll get more shopping in too! 🙂