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Shop Talk with Robert Rodriguez

Acclaimed fashion designer Robert Rodriguez visited the Neiman Marcus in Las Vegas to promote his Spring/Summer 2010 collection. He generously spent some time with me and we talked about fashion and technology. He even signed the Robert Rodriguez bolero jacket I was wearing. Here’s how our shop talk went.

LS: I found you on Facebook. So I “fanned” you.

RR: Thank you.

LS: But I couldn’t find you on Twitter. Are you on Twitter?

RR: I might be.

LS: You don’t know?

RR: I don’t know. I personally don’t tweet.

LS: So, how do you feel about new media and its impact on fashion?

RR: With all the tweeting and all that?

LS: Yeah. A lot of designers are on Twitter tweeting, and a lot of fashion bloggers are being invited to sit front row at fashion shows….

RR: Well, I think it keeps it interesting. It allows people to communicate and to see what you’re doing and meeting new people and really getting to know who that face is. It opens up a lot of doors for a lot of people.

LS: I feel like your pieces are so conducive to mixing it up with something else. For example, I’m wearing your jacket with a Target t-shirt and a vintage scarf. Are you planning that when you’re designing or is it just that your pieces inspire a woman to mix it up?

RR: When my customer goes to my department and buys a piece, it’s more of an emotional buy. So, I really like to give her the option of dressing it up or dressing it down. So, when I’m designing I’m like, “Well, she can wear this top with jeans or she can wear this top with a pair of leather pants, or a skirt….” So, when I’m designing I’m thinking about all those things, and her lifestyle. I think every woman has her certain lifestyle. Not everyone dresses the same. There’s soccer moms and there’s the girls who go out all night, and I try to balance it out and give each woman something different.

LS: As far as technology goes, what do you use to keep yourself organized?

RR: I am old school [laughing]. I don’t like cell phones. I don’t like computers. I am totally not into that. I like to be creative and my creativity comes from within. So, I myself stay away from the computer because I want to be creating something and I do it the old way.

LS: Well, having said that, do you have an iPod or an MP3 player?

RR: I do have an iPod.

LS: Okay, so what’s on your iPod?

RR: Lady Gaga, Madonna… all the fun stuff.


Interested in purchasing some Robert Rodriguez Spring and Summer 2010 fashion? Go to NeimanMarcus.com or check out the widget I created below. Happy shopping!

Robert Rodriguez

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2 Responses to “Shop Talk with Robert Rodriguez”

  1. sfraz71

    Congratulations on a fabulous interview! You asked great questions and I thoroughly enjoyed his answers!

  2. lollieshopping

    Thanks, for the feedback! I’m working on a more “fashion-y” piece on Robert for a magazine, but for my blog, I wanted the article to be more personal and fun. Robert Rodriguez has a very generous and kind nature about him. I didn’t want to leave and could have stayed there talking with him all day. And, he gives GREAT hugs!