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Shop Talk: Bobbie Thomas

The day I met Bobbie Thomas was a day of serendipity.

Thomas is a style guide known for sharing her insight with women everywhere. You’ve seen her on the “TODAY” show and on “Hoda & Kathie Lee” as she speeds through 60 seconds of must-know products via “Bobbie’s One Minute Buzz.”

She was in Las Vegas to promote her involvement with the LATISSE® Wishes Challenge, a program designed to benefit the beloved Make a Wish Foundation, and I was granted an interview. And then at some point, serendipity took over the day.

First of all, I have been envying my husband’s thick, long lashes and wondering what the heck happened to mine? Is it age? Is it bad nutrition? I don’t know the cause, but I do know my lashes have been looking pretty stubby lately. I’ve been in need of a solution.

Second of all, I got lost on my way to meet Thomas, and I needed a guide.

Although I was given clear directions by the LATISSE folks as to where I could meet Thomas for our interview and I have been to the Venetian/Palazzo conference area a zillion times, I could not find our meeting room. But among the masses of faces in the corridor, one stood out: Claire Jane Vranian, fashion designer and one of my dearest friends.

Vranian knew how to get to the designated meeting room and helped me get to Thomas. Then through talking to Thomas about LATISSE, she helped to inspire me to meet with a doctor and see if it is the lash solution I have been searching for. And because Vranian rescued me, I insisted she join me for the interview. While there, Thomas adored her handmade handbags, so I, in turn, inadvertently helped Vranian. It was kismet.

But, let’s focus on Thomas, who calls herself a “professional girlfriend” and a self-declared “beauty junkie.”

“I was geeked, super excited to be asked to join the LATISSE Wishes Challenge. In fact I am honored,” said Thomas. She is in amazing company, which includes Kathy Ireland and Chelsie Hightower. Their goal is to raise $500,000 by November 30, 2010. (As of November 07, the group had raised almost $379,000.) “To know they had already donated a million dollars to date, when I was first approached to join the campaign, I thought that was unbelievable. I realized I could merge my professional life, sharing beauty advice with women, along with raising money to help children.”

Prior to joining the challenge, Thomas was already a fan and user of LATISSE. After a self-described addiction to false eyelashes, which normally require an adhesive to make the lashes stick, Thomas realized she had damaged her own natural lashes due to constant use of the false ones. “I definitely felt insecure when I destroyed my lashes. I felt I looked sickly. Having options makes you feel confident. I’m just so glad there was an option for me to help with my lashes,” she shared.

For her, that option was LATISSE, which is the only lash treatment approved by the FDA, and it requires a medical prescription. When Thomas heard the buzz about the product, she visited her doctor and found she was a suitable candidate for use. Donors giving a minimum of $20 to the LATISSE Wishes Challenge receive a free trial gift certificate to try LATISSE. Thomas described it as a win-win situation. “What I like about this is that 100% of your money goes to the Make a Wish Foundation, but I’m also a big fan of the fact that you can get something for yourself while donating.”

According to Dr. Deb Sherman, Oculoplastic Surgeon and Board Certified Ophthalmologist, patients need to practice a little patience when using LATISSE because the lash growth is gradual. “Patients may start to notice longer lashes after about a month and experience full results in approximately four months. This is similar to the clinical trial results, but individual results may vary. But after four months of use, my patients really like the fact that their new longer, thicker, darker lashes are their OWN lashes,” she stated. For maintenance, continued treatment is required. If discontinued, eyelashes return to their previous appearance over the course of several weeks to months.

“One of the most common questions I get asked about LATISSE is whether or not it will turn eyes brown,” said Dr. Sherman, “Increased brown iris pigmentation, which is the medical term for darkening of the colored part of the eye, has occurred in patients when the same formulation of the active drug ingredient in LATISSE, bimatoprost, was instilled directly into the eye as a treatment to lower elevated intraocular pressure. Iris pigmentation was not seen in LATISSE clinical studies, but LATISSE patients should be advised about the potential for increased brown iris pigmentation, which is likely permanent.” Both Thomas and Dr. Sherman advised that the best thing to do is see a doctor to find out if LATISSE is right for you. Use the “find a doctor” tool in the upper right corner of www.latisse.com to find a medical professional to help you learn more about the product. After seeing Thomas’ lashes in person and viewing the LATISSE eyelash gallery, I myself am definitely looking into it.

Thomas also offered beauty advice: “Lips are here to stay. Now more than ever, you can really enhance your lips.” She enjoys playing with dark lips, then wearing less eye makeup to balance out the look. Because her lashes are not only back, but dark, long and beautiful, she said she can play with a “fresh face look.” Thomas also informed me that one of the best ways to find the right lip color is to use the MAKE UP FOR EVER lipstick finder tool at Sephora.

Not only is Thomas obsessed with lips, she is also obsessed with nails. “I’ll always talk about nails,” she exclaimed. “I’m a huge nail art geek. Nails are great. They’re just like shoes. They work for everyone. It doesn’t matter your age or size. Great nails look good on everybody.” She recommended Little Brown Dress by Essie.

Later, Thomas purchased one of the gorgeous handbags that Vranian had with her, and I realized that she is more than a professional girlfriend. She is a professional angel. Let’s help her, Ireland and Hightower reach that $500,000 goal.

Claire Jane Vranian poses with Bobbie Thomas, who holds the Inspired by Claire Jane handbag she purchased.

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