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I Tried REVIV Anti-Aging IV Infusion

I hate needles, but I’m glad I did it. Not only did I try the REVIV Vitaglow® Anti-Aging IV Infusion, I also tried out the wellness spa’s Slimboost shot, and I felt the results the following day.

After a great night’s rest (but I never have problems sleeping, so don’t assume my restful sleep occurred because of REVIV), I woke up feeling energetic (I normally feel sluggish) and with the brightest pair of eyes imaginable (I typically have to use eye drops to rid myself of redness). For two days straight, my energy was pepped and I felt refreshed. There’s a reason why they call it REVIV.

REVIV is the only IV company on the Las Vegas Strip and the first of its kind to open an upscale IV Wellness Spa. It provides IV Infusions that offer fast relief from things like allergies, dehydration (common in Vegas), colds, fatigue after a hard workout, and even hangovers (also common in Vegas).

The Vitaglow infusion ($169) is specifically designed to restore hydration and rejuvenate the skin with an antioxidant, while the Slimboost shot ($49) maximizes the metabolism. I didn’t lose weight and my wrinkles didn’t automatically disappear (not that I have a lot of wrinkles), but as I said before, I felt energetic, peppy (not jittery), and simply revived for 48 hours straight. One week later, I’m back to feeling the way I normally do: struggling for energy and motivation. REVIV infusions and shots are obviously not a one-time deal. The best way to benefit from the spa and its products is to schedule regular infusions and/or shots – either weekly or bi-weekly.

While I enjoyed my selected infusion and shot, there are others to choose from. Offered IV infusions include Hydromax® Hydration, Megaboost® Wellness, The Royal Flush® Deluxe, and Ultraviv® Recovery Infusion, which is perfect for the infamous Las Vegas hangover.

Aside from Slimboost, other booster shot options include Vitamin B12, Glutathione, and CoQ10+. I will say that my shot left my arm sore for about two hours afterward, but it remained mobile and I had no problems functioning.

Overall the REVIV spa is welcoming, warm, and relaxing. Getting poked with needles can be nerve-racking, but between the super friendly and kind staff and the luxurious massage chairs, I remained calm and relaxed throughout the process. Plus, the setting is anything but clinical.

If you’re searching for alternative methods to cure what ails you, or just boost your energy levels and increase your hydration, then give a REVIV a try. There are two locations in Las Vegas: REVIV MGM and REVIV Palazzo Venetian (my preferred location and the one featured in the photos). For more information, visit the website at revivme.com.

Complimentary product and services received, but did not affect my opinion.

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