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Here’s Why You Can Stop Worrying About Return Shipping

By joining the Return Saver program for only $49 per year, you can return online purchases to virtually any online retailer within the 48 contiguous states for free, or at least, at no additional cost than your annual membership fee. A new service just launched at the end of June, Return Saver could seriously revolutionize E-Commerce, online returns, and how you shop.

You would have thought (or at least I did) that when Zappos.com set the bar by offering free return shipping, every other retailer would have followed. But that so did not happen. In fact, Zappos’ own sister company 6PM.com doesn’t even offer free return shipping.

Okay. So you could pout and moan about the fact that most online retailers do not offer free return shipping, or you could continue to be skittish about your online shopping. OR, you can join Return Saver, knowing that you won’t have to shell out another $10 to send your unwanted purchases back.

There is, of course, a limitation (isn’t there always?). The return box cannot be more than 50 pounds in weight, and your return items must fit in a standard size box. However, there is no limit to how many times you can return shipments per year. So even once the shipping value of your returns exceed your $49 membership fee, you can still keep shopping and keep returning.

FedEx is the exclusive shipping carrier of Return Saver, so you can rest assured that your returns will be delivered safe and on time. Sound good? If you’re big on placing returns, and many consumers are, then you might want to consider joining Return Saver. Go to www.returnsaver.com for more details.

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