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Outfit of the Week

So, did I ever tell you about the time I bought a pair of designer shoes out of a stranger’s garage for only $15?

I joined a Facebook group that called¬†itself a high-end yard sale group, and a woman posted that she had a range of new shoes for $15 each in her garage. It was basically Macy’s Spring 2014 inventory, from what I could tell.

What else could I do? I called up a friend and told here we needed to get there ASAP. We did, and I left with these studded Vince Camuto pumps for only $15!!!

I paired the shoes with this bold printed skirt, a simple long sleeve tee, and a jacket that converts into a vest by simply unzipping the sleeves. I love $15 designer shoes, but I also love convertible clothes!

Lorena Antoniazzi top

W118 Walter Baker Jacket and Vest

ann taylor skirt

Vince Camuto shoes

back of vince camuto shoes


What I wore:

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