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Outfit of the Week

I did it. I wore a dress over┬ápants (gasp!) and here’s how it worked out for me.

First… the basics:

outfit basics

Then I added a complementing dress:

vintage floral dress

And because the outfit was edgy enough, I chose basic, subtle shoes:

nude heel shoes

I got my hair braided the night before (yes, I slept in it) from Blowout Dollhouse. The hair styling was complimentary, but normally you can get a look like this one for only $20 in about five minutes. So if you need a quick hairdo and don’t have time for a blowout, stop by Blowout Dollhouse and ask for a braid.

braid by blowout dollhouse las vegas

And finally… how to wear a dress over pants:

outfit of the week

What I’m wearing:

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