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Exploring the Momentum of Nelly and His Apple Bottoms

At only 35 years of age, Nelly is accomplishing quite a lot with his young life. While he has made a name for himself as a successful, multi-platinum recording artist, he’s also developed a successful women’s fashion line known as Apple Bottoms. The brand is approximately six years old, and in that time it has grown from a line of denim jeans to one that includes swimwear, plus sizes, accessories, shoes, fragrance and even infant apparel.

Besides being a super star rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Nelly also leads the Jes Us 4 Jackie foundation, which promotes bone marrow awareness and registers donors. While visiting Las Vegas to promote Apple Bottoms, his foundation and make the dreams of an 18-year-old cancer survivor come true, I ask Nelly if he ever sleeps.

“Funny you ask that question in Vegas. Sleep and Vegas don’t go together,” he answers jokingly. “You have to have good people around you. This team makes me look so good. Yvette [Owens, Head Designer at Apple Bottoms] has done a wonderful job with expanding the original vision. When it comes to music and entertainment, that’s what I do. But, I make sure to keep people around that can allow me to tend to other aspects.”

Nelly’s personal appearance event began with an Apple Bottoms fashion runway show which featured the Summer 2010 and Fall I 2010 collections. Everything showcased is currently available for purchase in-store at Macy’s.

The Summer collection is filled with floral and denim looks while the Fall collection features dark colors with luxe, jet set styles. “Fall is about travel,” explains Owens. She and her team traveled to three European cities for inspiration. “We just based it on a travel theme and each delivery is inspired by a different city.”

“I’ve just been real fortunate to have a great team around me that has been able to take my vision and continue it,” Nelly adds. “When we first started Apple Bottoms, it was about creating something that makes the everyday girl feel special. Now, we’re getting into a mode of creating new designs, new products and growing. The vision has become more about personal style.”

There was more to Nelly’s Las Vegas visit than fashion. He was also here to fulfill a wish for Valerie Cruz who got to meet and spend time with Nelly as well as model a punk-chic Apple Bottoms outfit on the Fashion Show runway. Cruz claims she was scared to do it, but she displayed such ease and confidence that I found it hard to believe she was nervous. “When I’ve got to do my thing, I just do it,” she explains. She says meeting Nelly was a lot of fun. “He’s like totally down to earth. He’s a really cool guy.”

According to Nelly, fans can expect to see more products added to the Apple Bottoms line, including makeup and linens. As is the case with the talented entertainer, Apple Bottoms continues to gain momentum with no intention of stopping. Visit your nearest Macy’s to purchase Apple Bottoms.

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