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My Favorite Lip Balms

My addiction to shoes, sales, and mascara has been public knowledge for years. But did you know I’m also addicted to lip balms?

Okay, it’s not a genuine addiction, as apparently lip balm addiction is a real thing. However, I am quite dependent on them, keeping lip balms in just about every room of my home and in my handbag. I live in the desert, and the daily dry air threatens the kissability of my mouth.

I consider myself a lip balm connoisseur, having found the three brands that I cannot do without. I’ve lived in Las Vegas for 14 years, so my journey to find lip balms that successfully work has been long and thorough.

Cold fall and winter air can lead to dry, ashy, and even cracked lips. Don’t ruin your holiday ensemble with an unattractive pout. Give my recommended lip balms a try and keep your kiss soft and supple as you make out beneath the mistletoe.

Bargain: Nivea Lip Care, $2.99

Nivea Lip Care is so inexpensive that it’s easy for me to buy a handful and keep them everywhere. The formula is ultra rich and moisturizing; your lips will love it. The brand produces all kinds of lip care products, but the only ones I purchase, use and am satisfied with are A Kiss of Moisture, A Kiss of Milk & Honey, and a Kiss of Olive Oil & Lemon.

nivea a kiss of moisture

nivea a kiss of milk & honey

a kiss of olive oil & lemon

Mid-priced: EOS, $4

The commercials are cute, but they don’t quite convey the effectiveness of an EOS Lip Balm Sphere. The globe shape of the product may not seem conducive to application, but if you have full lips like I do, it actually is pretty perfect. A chapped lip often extends beyond the meat of the lip. I require balm all along my lip line and even a little past it. EOS does the trick for sure, but the brand also offers all kinds of sweet, tempting flavors without being waxy and filled with parabens. All EOS Lip Balm Spheres are good, but my ultimate favorite is Sweet Mint, because it aids in freshening my breath, which makes kissing me all the more sweeter!

eos sweet mint lip balm sphere a

Splurge: Pixi, $8

Eight dollars may seem like a lot for lip balm, but Pixi’s Shea Butter Lip Balm feels so luxurious going on that it’s worth every penny. Your lips will swim in its nourishing formula and feel silky smooth without feeling greasy. Pixi produces the lip balm in various colors, but I like Comfort Clear, which is transparent but leaves your pucker looking glossy.

pixi shea butter lip balm

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