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Leggings Are Not Pants… (And other musings from a fashion blogger)

As I’m driving in my car, headed to another fabulous Las Vegas fashion event, I spot the cutest young woman crossing the street. Great hair. Great complexion. Gorgeous body. Except there was one thing very, very wrong with her: she was wearing leggings as though they were pants.

This anonymous lady was such a cute girl, but little did she realize that even with her smoking hot body, one should not wear leggings as though they are pants. Or, at least, that’s what I believe.

I often amuse myself with thoughts as these and am inspired to share them with you. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful, but also funny. And if you want to break any of these Lollie rules, feel free to do so, because I’m always on the hunt for more blogging inspiration. Maybe next time, I’ll be writing about you.

Leggings are not pants.
Leggings qualify as bottoms, but they’re not pants. That means you should wear something with them that covers your derriere. This can be a skirt, a dress, a tunic or any kind of long T-shirt or blouse. Wearing skintight leggings and not covering your butt is just downright indecent.

A spirit hood is not a hat.
Hats are cute. You should wear them in public. Not only do they keep your head warm and protect you from the sun, they add a certain a panache to your overall look. Spirit hoods are silly.  They are not hats. Humans are not meant to wear animal ears. The only people who look cute wearing spirit hoods are toddlers dressed for Halloween.

A cosmetic bag is not a clutch.
A clutch is specially designed to be a compact style handbag. It’s sleek and sophisticated and makes a great evening accessory. Cosmetic cases are for carrying your makeup. Yes, I can tell when you’re trying to pass off one for the other.

Crocs are not shoes.
Crocs are gardening clogs. They’re meant for feeling comfortable while digging in the dirt, not for wearing to the mall.

There’s nothing gangsta about walking like a penguin.
Pick up your effing pants. Seriously.

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