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Music + Fashion: A Match Made on a Stairway to Heaven

“Music inspires creativity and fashion designers are artists in their own right. I think the music they listen to ultimately helps set the tone and theme of their collections,” says the talented duo behind Nina Sky.

But it got me wondering: which really influences which? Is it music that influences fashion or is it fashion that influences music? It’s like the chicken and the egg question, really. And I think the influence goes both ways.

Before she became a Dame and designed gorgeous fashion-forward apparel and accessories that most of us can’t afford but all of us covet, Vivienne Westwood dressed the Sex Pistols and was a pivotal influencer of the New Romanticism pop culture movement of the ’80s, designing looks for Bow-Wow-Wow and Adam and the Ants. Westwood is the perfect example of fashion influencing music.

But a simple visit to the Mark Nason website, where the designer features his rock-and-roll inspired footwear and an online jukebox showcasing music from Robert Plant and Van Halen, proves that music can influence fashion. I once nabbed an interview with the reluctant designer because one of my submitted questions was, “You’re on a deserted island; which is the one Led Zeppelin album you would want with you?” Bam! Interview confirmed. For Nason, music is obviously very important.

Popstars like Madonna have shown how fashion influences their music (remember “Vogue”?), but then it was indie grunge music that influenced fashion in the ’90s (remember Marc Jacob’s 1992 collection?). So the influence truly goes both ways. Thank goodness for that.

I love seeing a musical artist embrace fashion, and I love seeing fashion designers embrace music. The two are a match made on a stairway to heaven. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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