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Let’s Back This Project: MORF

It’s one shirt that can be worn in 24 different ways, and it needs your help to get started. Invented by independent fashion designer Tamara Salem, MORF is the first ever multi-shirt. MORF is so clever and unique that it’s one of the few shirts ever to be registered as an official fully registered U.S patent.

MORF’s magic lies in the double-layer construction that Salem designed, allowing the wearer to change up the color, cut, and style of the shirt. See below. That really is the same single shirt that the model is wearing. Look at the variety of ways the shirt can be changed up.


Salem has a Kickstarter campaign going for MORF to help her get the project off the ground. Always a fan of convertible fashion and accessories, I am rooting for its success. Watch the video below to see how MORF works. CLICK HERE to donate to the MORF Kickstarter campaign.

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