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Holiday Gift Pick: InstaWATCH

Oh sure, it’s not even Halloween yet. But you know me, I’m always shopping. And I already have a holiday gift pick that you are going to love!

It’s called InstaWATCH by May28th, and it’s a custom-made watch that you create yourself from one of your Instagram photos. It’s a one-of-a-kind design and it’s only $44. Now that’s a holiday gift price that you can adore.

Instagram is all the rage right now – a great social media application that allows users to take photos, use special-effect filters to enhance them, and share with other users and on Facebook and Twitter. I LOVE Instagram, and I especially LOVE the idea of being able to design a custom piece of fashion based on one of my Instagram photos.

Above is the complimentary InstaWATCH I designed from a photo I took of my husband while we vacationed in Palm Springs. I specially selected that band color to match the color of the swimming pool. It’s funny. My husband thinks it’s silly that I wear a watch with his photo on it, and he doesn’t even like this photo. But I think he looks really cute and wearing a watch with his photo on it makes me feel like I’m 15 again, with photos of my boyfriend taped to the inside of my locker. I love my new InstaWATCH that much more BECAUSE it features my spouse’s handsome punum.

Below are examples of other InstaWATCH watches that I can create from my Instagram photos. The options for creating cute customized gifts for your loved ones this holiday season is endless! So shop and design today at www.instawatch.may28th.me.

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