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Holiday Gift Pick: Foot Petals Boot Camp Boot Shaper

I think one of the important things to consider when shopping for holiday gifts is uniqueness. There’s something really special about a gift recipient gushing over a gift that she’s never received before or even knew existed. That’s why I have selected Foot Petals Boot Camp boot shapers as this week’s Holiday Gift Pick.

It’s not good for your boots to be stored standing with their shafts bent over, especially if the boots are made of leather. Think about it: leather is no different than the skin on your face. So you have to tend to it well if you want to avoid unwanted creases and wrinkles.

Foot Petals Boot Camp boot shapers are perfect for filling up your boots’ shafts and maintaining their shape. The boot shapers come flattened, but then you blow them up like a beach ball and place them into your boots. They even have built-in antimicrobial, deodorizing technology so you don’t have to deal with stinky boots. And because they deflate easily, they’re perfect for traveling.

Purchase Foot Petals Boot Camp boot shapers at www.footpetals.com for only $12.95 a pair.

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