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Happiest in Las Vegas

Even after living in Las Vegas for sixteen years, I still have people ask me why. My reply, “Because I’m happiest in Las Vegas.”

I’m a Texas girl raised in both Austin and the Rio Grande Valley, and I love Texas. But, I wasn’t happiest there, for many, many reasons. Mainly, I just never fit in.

I spent time trying to live in New York City. And for about two years, I lived in L.A., but I didn’t become my happiest until living in Las Vegas. I have a million reasons why I’m happiest in Las Vegas, but below is a brief list of a few obvious ones.

  1. The weather is great. While the rest of the country is currently fraught with snow, rain, and/or tornadoes, Sin City dwellers are enjoying the sun and cool breezes. That photo above was just taken this week. It’s March and officially T-shirt weather in Vegas! Yes, it will be blazing hot in July and August, but that’s only two months out of the year. Big deal. You learn to adapt to it after awhile.
  2. There’s always something to do. I mean, hello, it’s Las Vegas, baby. And I’m not just talking about gambling and drinking, either. Our retailers stay open late. Many of our best eateries are open 24 hours. Plus, between the Strip residencies (think Celine, Britney, JLo, and Cher), concerts, performing arts, and street festivals, Las Vegas locals never complain about being bored.
  3.  Las Vegas offers plentiful backdrops for selfies and Instagram photos. You have so many options for cute pics. If you want something glamorous to show off your ensemble, head to The Chandelier bar at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Want a grungy view? Go downtown and discover a multitude of murals to complement your outfit of the day. If you prefer a natural background, go to Red Rock Canyon. But if what you crave is something different and weird, then Nelson is your spot.
  4. The people are awesome. However, they’re also transient. So if you make a good friend here, don’t hang onto her too tightly, because she’s bound to leave after a few years. Don’t worry. She’ll be back to visit, and will probably bunk with you.
  5. This town is pretty open-minded. We truly are a city of sin (if you believe in that sort of thing, that is), and that tends to make even the most conservative folks tolerant and respectful of those of us who aren’t like them. More and more progressive thinkers are finding themselves to be happiest in Las Vegas.

So throw away your antiquated stereotypes of Las Vegas. Just like the transformation of the graphic tee, Las Vegas has evolved from something once considered tacky to something that is on-trend, chic, and covet-worthy.

If you’re happiest in Las Vegas, too, you can purchase a T-shirt saying so at HappiestTee.com. These tees are super soft and luxe. You’ll never want to take it off! If you’re happiest elsewhere, other happy destinations include London, NYC, Mexico, Nashville, and more. Check out Happiest Tee today.

Gift received as a part of this blog post, but did not affect my opinion of the product nor of Las Vegas.

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2 Responses to “Happiest in Las Vegas”

  1. So adorbe- and I’m Happiest when you are in Vegas too!

    xoxox Christie