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Guest Post: Tips for Keeping Skin Hydrated in the Winter

There is a lot of harshness that comes with cold weather. Snow, rain and low temps have us reaching for cover. We break out with thick coats, beanies and scarves to keep our bodies warm. Plus, without the proper precautions, the winter air takes a huge toll on our sensitive skin. Winter months have a bad tendency to affect the natural moisture of our skin. Before you think to fix it by just lathering on a ton of lotion, follow some of these proven tips to lock in that moisture your skin so desperately yearns for.

Hot Water is Not Your Friend
As tempting as it may be to stand in the shower or soak in the bathtub for longer periods of time, it is definitely not a good idea if your water is too hot. Although the steam may be good for your skin, it is still not enough to offset the hot water stripping away the natural oils in your skin. Keep your water at a normal, warm temperature and cap your time at no more than 20 minutes. If you must soak in the bathtub, add some oatmeal and coconut oil to the water as both are proven to be great products on helping to dampen your skin.

Turn Off Vents in the Bathroom
We all turn on the vents in the bathroom to prevent the mirrors from fogging up and circulating the air. However, in the winter, you should actually turn these off as it will keep the steamed air you created from the shower in the bathroom. In addition, it will create a warmer air for you upon exiting your shower. Think of this as your own way of humidifying the air.

Humidifiers to the Rescue
Speaking of humidifying the air, this can be your best friend. Invest in a small humidifier for your bedroom and leave it on while you sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, look into a quieter model that won’t disturb your slumber. Not only will a humidifier help keep your skin less dry when you wake up, it prevents you from being congested and can help wean off illness from the wintery cold. Double bonus!

Eat, Drink and Breathe H2O
There is a lot to the saying, “You are what you eat.” That couldn’t be more relevant to the tips to keeping your skin as smooth and moisture locking as possible. If you eat processed and fried foods, your body and skin will definitely hate you for it. These foods have a tendency to suck out all the moisture to your skin because your body is working overtime to combat these bad nutrients from entering. When you eat more hydrating foods like vegetables, fruits and other natural items, your skin will reap its benefits. The extra water from foods and liquids will disburse accordingly, leaving your skin healthy, saturated and happy. My favorite go-to is actually pure coconut water. It not only has a fast hydrating component, but it provides a great amount of electrolytes, similar to that of Gatorade, that provides a natural energy boost.

Hands, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
You may also notice that your neglected areas like your hands and feet start to crack more during the winter. When outside, try to wear gloves and thick socks to prevent them from coming in contact with the winter air. Elbows and knees should definitely feel the love too! Following the shower, lather on some lotion or oils immediately to these commonly missed areas to lock in the moisture. Your skin will soak up any lotion agent following the shower since your pores are open and most absorbing.

Winter season can be fun with hot chocolate, snowboarding, or fun fashion accessories like scarves and beanies. It’s no fun and games when your skin suffers the brute force of the air, though. Who says your skin has to suffer in the process? Depending on where you live, you may have longer winter months than others. Apply some of these following tips so that you can spend most of your time enjoying the snow instead of dry, chapped skin.

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Jane Grates is a bookworm who loves to travel and run. She frequently visits popular running destinations together with her husband. When she is not busy travelling and preparing for races, she manages her websites, Nicershoes, Runnerclick and GearWeAre.

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