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Fashion Inspired: Twin Peaks

One of my favorite obsessions during my college years in the 90s was the television series Twin Peaks.” Not only was I captivated by the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer, but I was also seduced by Audrey Horne’s plaid skirts and Donna Hayward’s oversize coats.

While the early 90s were saturated with grunge fashion, “Twin Peaks” balanced out a fashion lover’s wardrobe by inspiring good girls everywhere to showcase their inner femme fatale. It seemed like a dangerous style game to play, but boy, did I enjoy playing it.

In an age when we are spending our weekends bingeing on series like “Orange Is the New Black” or “Game of Thrones,” it’s time to discover a series that was ahead of its time and captured our attention just as much as the popular series of today, especially as “Twin Peaks” is being released on Blu Ray on July 29th. So to celebrate, I’ve put together some fashionably desirable looks to get you in the mood and inspire you to explore the world of “Twin Peaks.” Just try to avoid the Black Lodge, and you should be just fine.

Laura Palmer was the original good girl gone bad. She’s filled with secrets. And so she’s trapped in a red room, wearing a sexy but somber black dress accented by a stunning brooch.

laura palmer

I was particularly obsessed with Audrey Horne, the poor little rich girl. She was hell-bent on looking for trouble and exposing everyone else’s truth. And she made a plaid skirt seem awfully naughty.

audrey horne twin peaks

Donna Hayward begins meek and mild, but then she transforms into a less destructive version of her BFF Laura. And she does it so stylishly. Be sure to don an oversize coat and nab your dead best friend’s oversize sunglasses, so you can hide your own secrets.

donna hayward twin peaks

Ready to visit “Twin Peaks”? CLICK HERE to reserve your Blu Ray set in advance.

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