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Pics Fit for a Fashion Blogger

This fashion blog has given me reason to update my profile pictures at least once a year. My hair changes and so does fashion. And while I could just snap a “selfie” and use it for my social media profiles as well as Lollie Shopping, I like to set my standards higher and hire a pro to capture my personality and fashion sense for me. Plus, it’s just fun to sit in front of someone else’s camera and play model.

This year I went straight to one of my favorite photographers in Las Vegas, Stacie Frazier and her photography business Haute Shots. Stacie is quite the fashionista herself (and a personal friend of mine) and she’s mostly known for her super sexy, super beautiful boudoir photography. She has a knack for taking an everyday woman and making her look like a retro pinup queen, a Playboy model, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, or a glamorous starlet.

Of course, it helps that her beauty team are the ladies at Hera Beauty. When I asked Stacie to photograph me for this year’s new profile photo, I knew I had to hire Hera Beauty as well. I wanted to give myself the full treatment – hair, makeup and Stacie’s attention to making a woman look and feel glamorous. And then Hera’s nail pro, Kathy Kovacic offered me a complimentary manicure using CND Shellac. Considering she’s the only Certified Master in Las Vegas of this power polish that last 14-plus days, I knew I would be in good hands.

So overall, I had the BEST time getting my picture taken and updating my profile. Stacie is a dream to work with and so accommodating. Whether you’re looking to have a beauty or boudoir session, know that Stacie and Hera Beauty do an amazing job and you’ll have one of the best times ever. And if you’re planning to visit Las Vegas and have boudoir photo fantasies, contact Stacie ahead of time to set up your shoot.

Below are the photos I purchased and will be using for my profiles. What do you think? You can visit the Haute Shots website at www.HauteShots.net, and visit Hera Beauty at www.HeraLasVegas.com.

Lollie Shopping Stacie Frazier Haute Shots Beauty 1

Lollie Shopping Stacie Frazier Haute Shots Beauty session

Stacie Frazier Haute Shots

Lollie Shopping Haute Shots

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One Response to “Pics Fit for a Fashion Blogger”

  1. Kat

    I love these- Your eyes really sparkle! I am so glad you had fun – I hope we’ll get to work together again soon!