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Rejuvenate for Fall with Wine and Fig Spa Specials

You are fully aware that a change of season calls for a change in your fashion, but has it occurred to you that it also demands a change in your beauty routine? It’s time to replenish your summer-exposed skin and combat the sun’s damage by nourishing your total epidermis from face to feet with October’s spectacular spa specials at Costa Del Sur at South Point Las Vegas.

Costa Del Sur has developed four rejuvenating face and body treatments designed to help you enter autumn with restored, youthful, and revitalized skin. Of course you had fun over the summertime, but now it’s time to undo the negative effects of suntanning and saltwater. Take full advantage of the benefits of resveratrol (found in wine) and figs, both of which are proven antioxidants and offer what the epidermis needs to renew.

See below the full menu of the spa’s October specials, along with prices. My top pick is the Rejuvenating Wine Facial, from which I saw immediate improvements in my skin. Know that hope for sun-damaged skin exists. Visit Costa Del Sur at South Point Hotel at 9777 South Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas. Call 702-797-8030 to book an appointment.

50-Minute Olavie Chardonnay Massage
The 50-Minute Olavie Chardonnay Massage begins with a full-body rub using Olavie’s famed Wine Therapy products infused with Chardonnay grape seed’s anti-aging extract, leaving the skin being completely renewed and soft to the touch. The massage relieves stress from the toughest to reach places and leaves the body feeling completely relaxed. The 50-Minute Olavie Chardonnary Massage will be available for $115.

50-Minute Rejuvenating Wine Facial
The 50-Minute Rejuvenating Wine Facial uses all-natural extract from Chardonnay grape seeds that are rich in hydrating oils and antioxidants. The facial begins with an all-natural exfoliation technique that buffs the skin smooth to perfection and then hydrates for that perfect sun-kissed glow. The 50-Minute Rejuvenating Wine Facial will be available for $140.

Olavie Tuscan Fig Manicure and Pedicure
The Olavie Tuscan Fig Manicure and Pedicure begins with a renewing and exfoliating Olavie scrub infused with the nourishing oils from Tuscan fig plants. The hands and feet are then treated to a warm soak and therapeutic massage before being shaped to perfection and polished. The Olavie Tuscan Fig Manicure and Pedicure will be available for $110.

25-Minute Olavie Tuscan Fig Body Exfoliation
The 25-Minute Olave Tuscan Fig Body Exfoliation begins with a full-body rub using Olavie’s Late Harvest Tuscan Fig Body Scrub, nourishing the skin deep within the pores. The body is then moisturized using Olavie’s Tuscan Fig Body Butter, leaving the skin hydrated and healthy. The 25-Minute Olavie Tuscan Fig Body Exfoliation will be available for $60.

Complimentary services received.

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