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Eyewear Essentials: What to Know Before You Buy

To find eyeglasses that suit your budget and your style, try before you buy. Visit a variety of retail outlets, from independent optical shops, which typically offer a high-level of customer service, to larger optical stores which offer a wide selection of frames at affordable prices. Keep the following points in mind to find the perfect pair of frames:

Lens options: Different lens materials and treatments can help to optimize vision. Check out options for long hours at the computer, driving or an on-the-go lifestyle. And to look your best, ask about anti-reflective lenses, which eliminate lens glare, allowing a clear view of your eyes.

Fit: Comfort is key. Eyeglasses should sit on the bridge of your nose without sliding down and temples should rest securely behind your ears. Ask an optician to help ensure a perfect fit.

Face shape: The rule of thumb when choosing eyewear is to contrast frame shape with face shape. If you have a round/curvy face, choose angular frames and if you have an angular face, choose rounded frames. Keep the eyewear proportionate to your face and eyes centered in the frames.

Fashion: From the runway to the red carpet, there are plenty of trends to choose from each season. Jeweled accents? Neon brights? Perfectly square? It all depends on what fits your personality and your wardrobe, so investigate multiple options.

Lifestyle: Depending on your lifestyle, you may need more than one pair of eyewear; sunglasses that offer UV protection, sport glasses that protect or computer glasses that ease the strain of sitting in front of a screen for many hours.

Source: The Vision Council

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