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Eyeglasses as an Accessory

I think eyeglasses are an often overlooked accessory. There used to be this saying, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Isn’t that the dumbest thing you ever heard?  I have no idea where that saying came from, probably the 1950s. But we all know now, glasses can be hot and haute.

And even though we know that glasses do not detract from one’s appearance, I still believe they aren’t treated with the same respect as the average accessory – say a piece of jewelry or a scarf. It’s probably because most people who wear glasses wear prescription glasses out of necessity, so they become a tool as opposed to something one chooses to wear. But I say, if you must wear eyeglasses daily, why not make them an integral part of your style and treat them as an accessory?

I’m lucky in that I have great eyesight and do not require glasses nor contacts. However… I have been known to try on glasses and have seriously considered purchasing the faux kind. Can you blame me? A pair of glasses can turn my pencil skirt outfit into a chic naughty secretary style. In fact, I met a friend’s sister the other day who was sporting a pair of faux glasses. She had incorporated them into her look as any other accessory. I would have never known her glasses were faux, if not for her sister telling me so. After seeing her do it, and pulling it off with such grace and sex appeal, I am really leaning toward doing it myself. READERS: Do you think it’s alright for us non-glasses wearers to wear faux glasses? Or, are we misleading and possibly offending people by doing so?

So, here’s my point: respect glasses as a major accessory. The same amount of care and forethought you put into a handbag, a pair of shoes or a tie should also be used when purchasing glasses online or in a brick and mortar store. And, you should own more than one pair. Just like there are certain shoes you wear with certain outfits, there should be certain glasses you wear with certain outfits, too. One pair of glasses just isn’t enough to complement your various outfits and fashion pieces.

Remember, eyeglasses are an accessory, regardless of whether they are prescription or faux. Treat them as such, and you’ll find that everyone makes passes at people wearing glasses!


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