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Forget the Typical Blowout. You Need the Downtown Wave.

Not only is it perfect for those evenings in Downtown Las Vegas, the Downtown Wave hairstyle from Atelier by Square Salon is so sexy, and so do-able, that you can do it yourself. But you can only learn how by attending the salon’s Downtown Wave class on September 17th for only $25 (use the class fee as a credit toward a retail purchase).

The Downtown Wave is a fusion of beach waves and the typical L.A. or Kardashian blowout. After a shampoo, scalp and neck massage, conditioning, and expert blowout, the stylists at Atelier by Square Salon then use a flat iron (yes, a flat iron!) to create a cascade of curls about the head. Then, using a flat hairbrush, the curls are brushed out to create the Downtown Wave.


While Atelier by Square Salon is a full-service salon, much like its parent Square Salon, it is focused on client education and express services, such as blowouts. Quarterly, customers can attend a class and receive one-on-one coaching on how to recreate the same styles they leave the salon with. At the September 17th Downtown Wave class, not only will attendees enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and fun giveaways, but they will also receive intimate coaching on how to recreate this precious hairstyle. In fact, BRING YOUR TOOLS. Attend the Downtown Wave class and haul your flat iron, hair dryer, and brushes with you. Your Atelier by Square Salon hairstyle coach will show you how to use your tools to create this dazzling look.



It’s a lot easier than you think. Under the tutelage of master hair stylist Jenny Savage, I was able to manipulate and curl my own hair that you see above.

Atelier by Square Salon Master Stylist Jenny Savage

Atelier by Square Salon Master Stylist Jenny Savage

Savage’s tips include avoiding the dreaded “death grip,” finding the right angles that work for your arm and wrist, and taking the ends of the hair and flipping it over to make it easier. But whatever you do, don’t try to twist your hair around the flat iron. That’s unnecessary.

But let’s face it, this blog post just isn’t enough to help you achieve the Downtown Wave on your own. So register for the class today by calling 702.906.1770. And if you can’t attend the class and just want a blowout for yourself, then visit Atelier by Square Salon at 225 South Fort Apache Road.


Complimentary services received, but did not affect my opinion.

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