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Downtown Summerlin Presents Spring’s Top Trend for Girls: Festival Girl

Inspired by the music festivals that their big sisters attend, little girls across the nation are adapting the festival girl look to something more age-appropriate. At Downtown Summerlin, you can shop this vibrant style at Old Navy.

Think outdoors, artsy, and creative. The festival girl is the kind of fashion trend that inspires a girl’s imagination and propels her to seek a fun outdoor adventure with her friends. Perfect for playing in the park or visiting grandma for the weekend,  the festival girl look leaves enough room for comfortable mobility while looking stylish and cheerful.

Purchase this look at Old Navy at Downtown Summerlin, 1980 Festival Plaza Drive. Learn more about Downtown Summerlin by going to its website at www.downtownsummerlin.com.

Featured: Old Navy Tank Top, Short, Split Neck Pullover, Belt, Hoodie, and Sandals. This look retails for $96.64, plus taxes.

Old Navy Downtown Summerlin Sm

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