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Dedicated Post: Fashion Trends at the Poker Tables

Poker might still largely be a boy’s game (just look around the poker tables in Vegas at the Bellagio or the Venetian for quick proof of that) but more and more women are taking to the poker tables, both in tournaments and cash games. Looking stylish at the tables shouldn’t be your primary concern — paying attention to your cards and opponents should be your top concern — but below you’ll find some quick dos and don’ts as far as dressing for success at the poker tables, based on some analysis from the last World Series of Poker Ladies Event featured here: http://www.pokerlistings.com/blog/the-2011-ladies-event-picture-book.
1) Sunglasses not only look great but they serve an important function at the tables, especially for newer players. Many players feel it’s an advantage to hide your eyes as far as giving off less information to your opponents, plus it makes many players feel more comfortable when someone is staring them down. Just don’t go too dark as you’ll still need to be able to see the chips and cards.

2) You’ll often spend many hours at the tables so dress comfortably — and keep in mind that many poker rooms are very cold. Don’t get caught up in playing a part and wearing low-cut blouses if it means you’ll be shivering and uncomfortable at the table; distracting a few horny guys doesn’t make up for not being focused and in your comfort zone.
1) It might have been cool in the past to wear a cap or shirt from online sites such as Full Tilt but those days are gone — read the news at Pokerlistings to see why no one in the poker world wants to be associated with Full Tilt these days.

2) Go easy on the bling, especially if you’re inclined to fiddle or twirl rings or bracelets or other jewelry when you’re nervous. Savvy poker players are good at picking up on all sorts of small involuntary gestures and in some cases it can be your hands that give you away when your nervous and bluffing.

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