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The Beat on Brows

When it comes to eyebrows, full is fierce and thin is not in.

I remember back in the 1970s and ’80s when Brooke Shields’ eyebrows were the must-have brow look. My own were quite close to hers, but perhaps more unruly. Today’s brow isn’t quite as wide as Shields’ were back in the day, but it is true that a full, bold brow is what we’re seeing allover the runways and in current fashion ads.

According to New York Times writer, Amanda Fortini, thick and full eyebrows signify youth and vitality. In her beauty article “When It Comes to Brows, Thin Is Not In” she writes, “People who lack eyebrows, or who have very light ones, tend to look extraterrestrial — think Tilda Swinton or the Mona Lisa.” Thus, the importance of eyebrows that are apparent on the face.

I think of eyebrows as snowflakes – each one is unique. Now, I’m not talking about pairs of eyebrows, either. Seriously. EACH EYEBROW IS UNIQUE. So, as you’re applying makeup to your face, come to terms with the fact that your brows are sisters, but not necessarily twins. Let each have its own personality, but make sure those personalities complement one another.

So, put down the tweezers for a moment and allow your brows to grow into a more natural state of being. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyelashes are the curtains. And eyebrows? Well, they are the valances. What is a valance? It’s that topper on window dressing that completes the overall look and frames the window. That’s what eyebrows do. They top off your beauty look and frame your eyes.

Below are my top picks and beauty tips for products that will help you enhance your eyebrows. Take a deep breath, try something new, and let them be full. It will take a few years off your face and add that sense of sexual mystery that you’ve been missing.

Eyebrow Highlighter
Growing in your eyebrows means… stubble. Hide it with an eyebrow highlighter while also helping to shape your eyebrows, too.

eyebrow highlighter

Eyebrow Tools
Yes, you should give the tweezers a rest. But eventually, you will need to pluck stray (or gray) hairs, trim long ones, and brush all your brow hairs into place.

eyebrow tools

Eyebrow Filler
You’re going to have to fill your eyebrows in. There’s always some thin patch or some area that needs filling in. Remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins. Use a filler to enhance each individual personality. Fillers come in all shades and mediums: gel, powder, wax or pencil. Here are some great options for you:

Laura Mercier, Eyebrow Gel

eyebrow filler gel

Brow Powder Duo from Sephora

eyebrow powder

Benefit Brow Zings

eyebrow wax

Too Faced Brow-nie Eyebrow Pencil

eyebrow pencil


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2 Responses to “The Beat on Brows”

  1. great tips! Need to pick up some brow wax and a brow pencil soon!

  2. Thanks for the post! Makes me realize I should probably pay more attention to my poor, neglected eyebrows. The only time I deal with them is when they’re getting waxed! Thanks for the product tips especially. I will definitely look into these!