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Beauty Review: Mastey Color Protection

I am 100% dependent on salon hair coloring, but I have no patience for fading. I need my hair color to remain vibrant and fresh, so I need hair care products that support that. The Mastey Color Protection line promises to prolong the life of hair color, and after using the brand’s Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, Leave-In Therapy Spray, and Volumizing Foam for a few weeks, I can tell you that it delivers.

Mastey relies on natural ingredients, such as grape seed extracts, Argan oil, and olive oil, to formulate its products. The line is also 100% vegan and does not test on animals. Plus, and this is really cool, Mastey’s hair products offer UV protection.

Mastey is a family owned business that has been creating healthy and beautiful hair for over 40 years. Henri Mastey began his career as a stylist in Paris in the 1950s. Having a passion for chemistry as well as beauty, Mr. Mastey was able to combine his love of chemistry with hair care through his line of hair color and hair care products.

Growing from a small business, Mastey products are now sold internationally and Mastey is considered a pioneer in the beauty industry. With their green focused products, Mastey is pioneering the industry of hair care towards products that create gorgeous, long lasting color, and thoughtful use of components that are eco-friendly, making their eco-footprint light, but their footprint on the industry radiant!

But really what I appreciate about Mastey is that it protects my hair color. I don’t look faded and dull, even after several shampoos and blowouts. My favorite product is the Leave-In Therapy Spray, which I generously apply to my ends before blowing out my hair.

Mastey products range in price from $18-$40. To learn more about Mastey, go to www.mastey.com. To purchase items from the brand’s Color Protection line, go to www.colorprotecting.com.


Complimentary product received.

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