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Beauty Review: ESQIDO Mink Lashes

By now you’ve heard all the buzz surrounding mink lashes. From teen idols to reality show celebrities to A-List recording artists, everyone is giving mink lashes a try. I’ve been curious, too, tempted by the promise of a more natural-looking false eyelash. But, I couldn’t help but be concerned about just how the mink hairs were acquired to make them.

Then I was introduced to ESQIDO false eyelashes and learned that the brand responsibly obtains the fur, which is collected from natural shedding of mink animals. Of course, the hairs are also sterilized for wear, too. And then I read about how soft the lashes are and that they last so much longer than synthetic lash strips. In fact ESQIDO mink false eyelashes can be worn up to 25 times. How awesome is that?

ESQIDO mink false eyelashes 2

ESQIDO false eyelashes range in price from $40-$50, and many styles are on sale right now. ESQIDO sent me the Unforgettable mink lashes to try out, and I LOVED them. First of all, the lashes are silky-soft. Second, they look and feel luxurious. I’ve purchased MAKE UP FOR EVER false lashes in the past, but I am now convinced that ESQIDO is the brand for me.

Not only do the lashes look more natural, they are also dramatic, without being over-the-top. And, they really opened my eyes and made them look larger and younger. See the photos below.

ESQIDO mink false eyeslashes a

ESQIDO mink eyelashes a

Esqido mink lashes 1

But because the lashes are so fine and intricately made, you have to practice more care with them than you would with synthetic lashes. DO NOT apply mascara onto these mink lashes. If you want to get all 25 uses out of your new ESQIDO false eyelashes, then read the included instructions and handle with care. Also, false eyelash glue is not included. So be sure to stop by your favorite makeup boutique and pick some up.

Learn more about and shop for ESQIDO mink lashes by going to its website at www.esqido.com.

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