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Beauty Review: DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection

At first, I was skeptical. Clay in my hair? What-what? But seriously, DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection ended up being exactly what my hair needed. Here’s why: it’s formulated specifically for oily roots and to moisturize dry hair.

Guess who suffers from oily roots always and sometimes dry hair. THIS girl! It’s so annoying. How can my roots get oily, but then the ends of my hair can also be dry? It doesn’t make sense. But actually, it does. Your scalp and hair can be unbalanced, hence, the reason why DESSANGE Paris developed the Purifying Clay Collection.

You begin by applying the Pre-Shampoo Mask. It’s a tub of clay that comes with an application brush. You apply the clay to your scalp and massage in. Yes, it’s a little bit messy, but the self-massage is quite relaxing and a real treat. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Then you rinse it out thoroughly and wash your hair with the Balancing Shampoo, which is formulated to minimize oily roots and moisturize your ends. I follow up with whatever conditioner I have on hand. And after a thoughtful self-blowout, my hair is voluminous and soft.

I use the system once per week, and I LOVE the way my hair is looking (and smelling). My strands are definitely nourished and no longer dry. My scalp is less oily, but it’s not entirely oil-free. Still, there is a definite improvement in the balance of my scalp and hair. And when you consider the price points, under $12 for the mask and less than $10 for the shampoo, you realize it’s definitely worth a try.

So if you’re looking for an answer to oily roots and dry hair, give DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Collection a try. You can only get it at Target.

*Complimentary product received but did not affect my opinion.

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