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Baby Style

A stylish baby is a happy baby. Or, at least that’s how I imagine it.

At Layla Grace, you can find some sleek, high-quality and attractive gifts, home decor items, women’s accessories and cute stuff for cute kids. You’ll also find fashionable must-have, stylishly designed baby items that moms use. If you refuse to let motherhood cramp your style, then Layla Grace is just for you.

Take their selection of diaper bags, for example. Just because a mother is at the mercy of minivans, school schedules, diapers and crying babies doesn’t mean she has to carry a boring and uncool diaper bag. Layla Grace features Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags with exquisite design elements such as pretty patterns for moms and rugged, classy styles for dads.

If you like to hold your wee one close and use a baby sling to do so, you don’t have to lose your special sense of style. Keep wearing your cute outfits and just work your sling into your outfit like you would an accessory. Petunia Pickle Bottom baby slings are colorful, fashionable and allow you to tote your precious cargo without compromising your style.

So keep the dream alive and remember that you can remain fashionable while being a good mom. And set an example for your child. If you stay stylish, so will your progeny. Happy baby shopping!

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